Happy Birthday Poor Jokes…

One of our friends recently visited his family who lives in Afghanistan. He happened to attend to a birthday party over there. The people in the family brought a big cake in front of the guests, with beautiful candles lit on the top. The proud father of the child said, ” Guests, its a honour that you all are here on the occasion of my child’s birthday. Soon the child shall cut the cake. I request you all to shower your blessings on the kid. But please beware that no one should clap during the birthday ceremony.
Our friend asked him meekly, ” But why? Is it some custom over here? “

The father replied, ” Because Aghanistan mai Tali”Ban” hai “

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  1. Everymatter says:

    ha ha ha good one

  2. Tali from India, it won’t be heard there. However in India More than two children birth should be banned.

  3. Everymatter says:

    ur blog makes a lot of money

  4. Unknown!!! says:

    that was a smart joke :D

  5. Salil says:

    Good one :-)