Manmohan Singh meets Gilani

On the sidelines of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) summit in Egypt, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh met his Pakistani counterpart Yousaf Raza Gillani.

The Poor Jokes team has obtained exclusive access to the transcripts of their meeting. Here it is.

Sardar Manmohan Singh (SMS) shaking hands with Yousaf Raza Gillani (YRG)

SMS (smiling):- Gilani sahib! Apse milkar bahut khushi hui.

YRG:- Mujhe bhi hui.

SMS:- Main apke liye India se ek tohfa laya hun.

YRG:- Bahut bahut shukriya. Tohfa kya hai?

SMS (taking a gift wrapped bag out):- Ek Bullet Proof Vest.

YRG (surprised):- Par yeh tohfa kyon?

SMS:- Taki agar aap par koi Terrorist attack kare to aap zakhmi na ho.

YRG (blushing):- Shukriya. Umeed hai yeh wohi Bullet Proof Vest nahi hai jo Hemant Karkare ne 26/11 ko pahna tha. Goliyan to uske aar paar chali gayi thi.

SMS:- Are nahi nahi. Police wale desi made 2nd hand Bullet Proof Vest use karte hain. Yeh Italian designer Bullet Proof Vest hai, Gucci brand wala. Jo hum politicians pahante hain. 100% bullet proof. Aur to aur, yeh to shoe proof bhi hai.

YRG:- Oh achchi baat hai. Main bhi apke liye koi tohfa lane wala tha. Par…..

SMS:- Par kya?

YRG:- Obama ne jo funds humein bheje the woh abhi hamare pass pahunche nahi hai. Is liye paise ki kami ke chalte nahi khareed paya koi tohfa.

SMS:- Khair koi baat nahi. Ab kaam ki baat karte hain.

YRG:- Zaroor zaroor.

SMS:- Hum chahte hain ki Pakistan Kashmir mein terrorist bhejna band kare.

YRG:- Iske liye apko Lashkar-e-toiba se baat karni hogi. Pakistan Govt. ka Lashkar par koi control nahi hai.

SMS (surprised):- Kya baat kar rahe ho!! Chalo koi gal nahi!! Agla item discuss karte hain. India ne to apne nuclear weapons pe “No first use” policy laga rakhi hai. Hum chahte hain ki Pakistan bhi aisa hi kare.

YRG:- Iske liye to apko Taliban se hi baat karni hogi. Pakistan Govt. ka nuclear weapons pe koi control nahi hai.

SMS (even more surprised):- Hadd hai bhai!! Chalo kum se kum apni army ko to yeh bolo ki woh border par Indian forces par baar baar attacks na kare.

YRG:- Iske liye to apko Army Chief se hi baat karni hogi. Pakistan Govt. ka Pakistani Army pe koi control nahi hai.

SMS (getting really agitated):- Yeh kya mazaak hai!! Kya aisi koi bhi cheez nahi jispar Pakistani Govt. ka control ho?

YRG:- Hai na.

SMS:- Kya??

YRG:- Obama ke bheje hue funds par !!

SMS faints……


  1. awesome dude!! Keep it up man .. we need more of those!!!! … btw could uintroduce us to the other members of the "poorjokes team" or is it a one-man team ?

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    Thanks for your comment. is a tag team of 2 pun-sters, yours truly and WhatsInAName.
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  9. And I am the 2nd half of the tag team, Wondering Wanderer.. Yours truly refers to myself..

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    Funny joke over a very non-funny and serious situation :-)

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    Hilarious !

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  16. @Madhu
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