If I were a Baby Again

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People say, “ The world becomes more difficult, the climb becomes steeper, life becomes tougher as we grow”.
I wish people remembered what life was, when they were a Baby!

I sometimes wonder what Science would do to us all 100 years from now. If scientists claim today that computers will be able to read our minds and follow our thoughts as commands, then will the same computers be able to read a little baby’s mind????

Oh wow! That would be interesting. I really fancy myself being born in 2100 AD and the first thing my mom would gift me right after I am born will not be nappy pad, but a brand new Pentium 300 processor ( If the series would
continue by then) with 3000TB RAM. She would also set up a gmail account right after I would be born (Yes guys!! Gmail shall remain forever!!). The Computer would be set right besides my little bed all set to read my mind, store it in my mailbox and forward it to my parents so that they could understand my needs!

Here is a quick glance at what the computer would have collected if he could have read my mind!!!

Ahhh.. I hate this world. Only yesterday I was enjoying myself in that water balloon.. Who punctured it???? And some body cut off my Ration Supply Pipeline as well! Thank Heavens for that beautiful lady who looks so lovingly at me, the world looks so cruel apart from her!!

I woke up late today. I was shocked to find myself in the arms of a Bald Man!! Please Mom, don’t tell me that he is my Dad!!! Nahiiiiiii….

Am really afraid of my Bald Daddy. He does weird things every now and then! Since the first day I was born he has been calling me names!! I Weird names like Oshu, Moshu, Goshu,. He speaks with me in strange Hindi!! “Meli Pyali si guliya kittiii khubsulat hai” . My first impression was that he was normal and being bald was just fate! But he cannot speak properly too!!!

Ha Ha!!! It is so much fun doing soo-soo on Bald Daddy when he is all set to go to the office. And firing a volley of poos when he tries to change my nappy pad is double fun!! That’s the only revenge I can take !!!! I But I shouldn’t waste all my weapons against Poor Daddy. Should save some for strangers too!! 

I am fed up of them..Some Old Age Aunties came today and took my snaps from all possible angles when I was naked!!!! If I could, I would not allow anyone to take a naked snap! What if I become a celebrity after I grow up and someone black mails me with these Naked Snaps :-O

Enough is enough! The Aunties came yet again!! Somebody tell them that I hate all those wet kissis on my cheeks!! It gives me rashes!! If I could, I would not allow anyone to touch my cheeks and declare this activity as Child Molestation. No child in this world would like his/her cheeks fondled by all and Sundry. But everyone seems to does it!! And adding words Kuchchi Kuchchi to it is like rubbing salt in the wounds!!

Its not a child’s play to be a Child!!

The moral of this post is that, the grass is always greener on the other side!!!

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  1. RSV says:

    yep its not a child's play to be a child..
    ha ha ha..

  2. Dhiman says:

    He He He …. Peeing & pooing on Bald Daddy :D…. very hilarious one…true to poorjokes tradition…

  3. debosmita says:

    I am totally laughing my heart out :-) or may be, my insides out…


  4. A lovely post. One of the better posts on Blog-a-ton. A different perspective!

  5. Daisy Blue says:

    Hey thats a very different perspective..nice imagination..I traveled to the past & you traveled the future :)

  6. Shilpa says:

    GREAT!!! And the 'weapons' thing was cool, really.

  7. And some body cut off my Ration Supply Pipeline as well!
    Please Mom, don’t tell me that he is my Dad!!! Nahiiiiiii….
    Oshu, Moshu, Goshu,
    Meli Pyali si guliya kittiii khubsulat ha
    I shouldn’t waste all my weapons against Poor Daddy……

    Hilarious….rib tickling….jus loved these lines….original…..innovative…..unique and quite impressive

    But i have one concern wid the below line….
    I would not allow anyone to touch my cheeks and declare this activity as Child Molestation……
    I found this "Child Molestation" bit out of the track….think once buddy

    cheers :)

  8. aativas says:

    The monologue of the baby made me laugh.. interesting write up.

  9. Niharika says:

    It is incredible how much we adults underestimate our young ones. We feel they cannot understand anything. But in fact they do.

  10. Niharika says:

    Good to know that PoorJokes.in has now established a tradition. :-D

  11. Niharika says:

    Thanks for visiting. Hope you keep coming and keep laughing.

  12. Niharika says:

    Prashant Mehta,
    Thanks for liking my post.

  13. Niharika says:

    Daisy Blue,
    Time travel can be fascinating, isn't it? Wouldn't all of us like to go back to our childhoods and relive those wonderful years again.

  14. Niharika says:

    God has given each one of us a Brahmastra. Some have the power of words, others have power of emotion, and some physical power. Every baby too is well aware of all her powers :-D

  15. Niharika says:

    Thanks for liking the post.
    The "child molestation" thing was mentioned in good humor, and was not meant to be taken seriously. :-D

  16. Niharika says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  17. Govind says:

    A simple post…a good one at that !!

  18. Niharika says:

    Thanks for liking the post. I guess simplicity mein hi beauty hai :-D

  19. Karthik says:

    What if I become a celebrity after I grow up and someone black mails me with these Naked Snaps?? lol.. :D
    Height of imagination! :P
    Was a fun read. Thoroughly enjoyed each and every line of it. And yeah, it's not child's play to be a child. :-)
    Wonderful post!

  20. Chetan says:

    this one is the only post, that made me laugh
    gr8 post

  21. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wow! Good to see you in Blog-a-ton! The post gave lots of reasons to smile and laugh!!
    Loved the daddy's part!! :)

  22. Roshmi Sinha says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    You certainly have a way with words. Keep them coming :)

  23. Niharika says:

    Thanks for liking the post. The topic "If I were a baby" was a really good one. It allows everyone to go wild with his / her imagination.
    Hope you keep visiting.

  24. Niharika says:

    Dhanyawaad. My endeavor is to make sure no one reading this blog goes away without laughing. :-D

  25. Niharika says:

    Thanks for commenting. Hope you keep visiting.

  26. A real funny post, especially the bald daddy part starting with a 'Nahiiii' :-)

  27. Shruti says:

    Niharika, I was giggling all the way!!
    Bald daddy and oshu moshu goshu :P

    The first hilarious post I have read in Blog-a-ton :)

    Good luck to u!

  28. Hahaha.. that was too sweet :) the aunties really trouble kids :))

  29. Good post.. I like dit. U have a knack of expressing things

  30. ηανєєη says:

    me sambha lols :P
    n yeah its not child's play to be a child

  31. Makk says:

    yar ..apane hi baap err…i mean dad ki lagane mein lage rahoge …lolzzz


    keep smiling.

  32. neeraj says:

    It's not a child's play being a child – Loved it! Every phase of our lives as it's own pros and cons! babies are a no exception!

  33. Dreamer says:

    Very funny :D I have always wondered what babies think of all grown up baby talk :D. You have put my doubts to rest

  34. Niharika says:

    Madhu Rao,
    Thank u ji

  35. Niharika says:

    "Kuchi kuchi kuchi" is another common word among Aunties in India :-D

  36. Niharika says:

    Not just Aunties, Uncles do so too..

  37. Niharika says:

    thank u hai ji

  38. Niharika says:

    but when will elders realize this?

  39. Niharika says:

    Agar Daddy darawana ho to koi kya kar sakta hai.. I am a new born baby after all.. I get scared.. :-D

  40. Niharika says:

    that is true.. elders think being a baby is easy.. i dont think babies would agree..

  41. Niharika says:

    thanks for commenting..

  42. Vipul Grover says:

    haha (kar).. nice one niharika.. really liked some expressions like ration supply line one!
    Poor bald daddy, i mst say.. keep writing :)