All in a Day’s Work.

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These are excerpts of the first few pages from the secret diaries of a MNS Activist living in Boriwali, Bombay Mumbai, India Maharashtra.

The first page of my diary and I really pray that my comrades don’t get to know about it ever ! If they get to know that I am writing this in English and not in Marathi, they surely shall stuff me in a Bada Pav and eat me! However writing in English has its own advantages too, not many of the party members know how to read and write in this language after all, as they are mandated to be conversant only in Marathi !

Yesterday was a typically good day for all of us! We caught hold of ten UP ke Bhaiyas going together for their morning karma along the sea shore! We called them by our choicest Marathi word “Halkat” and gave them a good morning chase.

After that wonderful start to the day, my day got even better when I met Guruji in the afternoon! Guru Raj Thahakey was speaking in a public meeting of MNS workers. He gave everyone some cool tips to follow:

1. The two classifications of lifeforms on earth are not Humans and Animals, It is Marathi Manoos and Non Marathi ManHoos respectively.

2. The only terrorist attack which Mumbai has ever faced is from UP ke Bhaiyas

3. Though we are kings at Mahrashtra, Never go to UP, Bihar alone!

4. Stop using Railways, the Rail Minister is a “Bengali”.

5. If you don’t like a movie, just begin shouting that its against Marathi Manoos. You get a license to burn down posters and set fire to Cinema Halls by default.

Blah Blah Blah…

Evening was full of hustle bustle . Tip topping over people from all parts of the country, I reached back by home , completely exhausted after chasing UPites , participating meetings of Guruji and shouting provocative slogans against Non Marathi ManHooses. Came home and found that my grandfather met an accident coming back from the Bazaar. He almost got himself killed, but for the help of the crowd which gathered over there. Most of the crowd comprised of non-marathis and Its really strange that people forgot about caste and creed when they were helping my grandfather. Guruji Raj Thahakey’s wise words dont apply when it comes to humanity, but become seeds of wisdom at the time of elections. Else why would he win seats left, right and corner?

So it ends an eventful day . Bbye my Diary!!

“Democracy” or just “Power of the Crowd” ? If its the Power of the Crowd then why do we let ourselves be driven by the crowd at the first place? Why do sparks of Humanity as seen by the writer of the diary, get lost amongst flames of vandalism later?

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  1. Very interesting read. Hopefully atleast one of them can read and get something out of it.

  2. Raksha Raman says:

    Good one! But I doubt they will read it for it is in ANGREZI not MARATHI…The whole gang would be better termed as manHoos rather than manoos!

  3. Karthik says:

    Humour runs in your blood re. :-)
    Such a serious topic presented in a funny way!
    Satire at its best!
    Loved it.
    All the very best! :-)

  4. Ravan says:

    Well, fyi…many MNS members do read English, no one is opposing the use of English, they are fighting for equal respect for Marathi.

    Think about it, why do you purchase a rat-kill poison and yet tame a dog? Because Rats do not respect your house, your territory.

    Same with UP Bhaiiya or anyone for that matter, you respect the place that feeds you and you will be kicked out of the place.

    No one is telling them to behave properly in mumbai.

    Fyi. I am not a MNS supporter, but I have met Raj and he knows what he is doing. I do support his cause, if not his method.

  5. Niharika says:

    Thanks for your appreciation!! :-)

  6. Niharika says:

    True.. The whole gang is worthless!

  7. Niharika says:

    Thanks for your appreciation! :-)

  8. Niharika says:

    Is MNS the Moral Police?????
    And who is not giving equal respect to Marathis?? Come out of your shell!! We live in India and not in Maharashtra, UP, Punjab!!!!!
    We are Indians and not Marathis, Gujratis, Bengalis!!!!!!
    We are to help each other and not to kick each other out of their states!!!!!!
    We are not the ones to decide that who lives where!!!

  9. Vipul Grover says:

    Hey gud one niharika nd the right message.. though humour qoutient cud have been a bit higher.. loved the line – The two classifications of lifeforms on earth are not Humans and Animals, It is Marathi Manoos and Non Marathi ManHoos respectively.

  10. Dhiman says:

    Good satire and 'Marathi Manhoos' can use Google translate service to read it in Marathi :D so no respite ;)

  11. Hehehe…very well written. A poignant post in a very humourous manner. Let's hope that the message does get across. And as for some of them not reading it because it's in English, maybe you should consider google translation??? :P

  12. A difficult topic to parody and you have done a great job. You pull all stops and I loved that. A very good post..

  13. Raksha Raman says:

    I agree with you…MNS can't 'police' around! And we are Indians not Marathis,Gujratis etc etc. As for for the MNS clan…where the hell were they when Mumbai was bleeding? If they really want to protect their TERRITORY, they'd rather fight the TERRORISTS,the real foreign elements,than fighting with own countrymen! There are other better ways of exercising control on people than beating them up! Don't you think?

  14. Shalini says:


    I wished it was longer. :)Really lovely post and coolly couched sensitivity in satire. Keep going!Next time, pls give us a lil more to savour.

    All the best!

  15. Raviratlami says:

    बेहतरीन व्यंग्य. शानदार. इसे हिन्दी में अनुवादित कर अपने ब्लॉग – पर डालना चाहूंगा. उम्मीद है अनुमति मिलेगी.

  16. Shalini says:


    Would have liked for it to be a little longer. :)Wonderfully couched sensitivity in satire. Keep going! Though next time round you will give us some more to savour. :)

    All the best!

  17. Shalini says:


    Wonderful sensitivity couched in creativity. :) Next time please do give us a lil more to savour. :)

    All the best!

  18. quite sarcastic…. i appreciate the way you took on political issue…. Regionalism and sub-nationalism should be means for unification, not for division

  19. Shilpa Garg says:

    A very interesting take on the topic…a page from the diary of a MNS worker!!
    Liked the Humor…Manoos and ManHoos…!!:)
    A good post! :)

  20. Nethra says:

    It was sarcastically hilarious. Over all, it was a good read. :)

  21. ηανєєη says:

    satirical …. once read a long list of those "cool tips" in a mail .. very nice

  22. pushpee says:

    hahahahaa! good read, although its rude to peep into somebody else's diary and specially MNS..dangerous too…hehehehe…keep writing!!

  23. pra says:

    Very interesting post! Very true and innovative!!

  24. Niharika says:

    Thanks Buddy!!!!!
    Humor quotient was kept low intentionally!

  25. Niharika says:

    Oh!! I pray no MNS person reads this post and wrecks our blog!!!!

  26. Niharika says:

    @Phsyc Babbler!!!
    Thanks for the appreciation friend :-)

  27. Niharika says:

    Thanks!!!! words of encouragement from a blogaton winner !!! :-) I am obliged!!!

  28. Niharika says:

    @Raksha Raman!!
    I agree with you completely!! Political parties playing on Caste, Creed etc suck the vitality out of democracy!

  29. neeraj says:

    Good Read! I really feel sad to see so many Marathi brothers misguided by the vested interests of the politicians.

    I Invite you to read my views on this issue.

  30. Hilarious and sarcastic yet relevant. Good choice of topic and nice post :)

  31. Preeti says:

    Never thought this topic could be treated with such awesome humour! Very nice..:)

  32. Makk says:

    Good One..

    but i guess you could have done it better.

    Keep it up.

    keep Smiling!

  33. Niharika says:

    The post was kept short intentionally and the humor quotient low because I didnt want to loose the seriousness of the topic.
    Thanks for your appreciation…

    Thanks dear!!!! :-)

    THanks Shilpa!!!

    @Ravi Sir,
    I have visited your blog before and it is a wonderful place to be!!! I would be glad if you post it over there. Do tell me when you post it !!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting Nethra!!!

    @ Naveen!!
    Hey, Where did you read this before!!! It is impossible because I wrote it myself… I shall sue the person forwarding it here and there!! :-P

    Hey, thanks!!! Btw its not even rude, but also dangerous to peep into a MNS worker's diary!!:-P

    Thank you for your appreciation!!!

    I read your post and I shall post a comment over there soon!!! Thanks for visiting dear!!

    @West Wind..
    Thanks you :-)

    THanks Makk!!! I know it is not a top of the notch post!! I shall strive to do better in the next Blog-a-ton!!

  34. Dreamer says:

    What a unique interpretation of the given topic. Loved the sarcastic tone!

  35. Gyanban says:

    A thought page from your diary,I would recommend to continue this discussion beyond your post.
    Somewhere we need a fire starter.

  36. Raviratlami says:

    निहारिका जी,

    धन्यवाद. इस व्यंग्य का हिन्दी अनुवाद यहाँ प्रकाशित है –

    उम्मीद है अनुवाद में इस लेख की भावनाएँ सही रूप में आ पाई होंगी.

  37. pankaj says:

    really its true all the marathi's shivsena's are gangsters. they are just destroying the faith and unity of india. better to shoot them publically as this happens in arabian countries.