Funny Facts of Rajnikanth

Rajanikanth can write C program in Java.

When Rajanikanth Compiles programs, the errors are converted to

statements which are added to the language.

World won’t end in 2012 Rajanikanth movie is set to release in 2013.

Rajanikanth can land on the sun at night time.

Rajanikanth can escape from black hole.

Rajanikanth can eat lunch before breakfast.

Rajanikanth can draw a straight line with compass.

Rajanikanth can find square root of -1.

Continental drifts did not happen. Rajanikanth did it.

Rajanikanth never takes a bath. The water comes to him.

A dinosaur attacked Rajanikanth once. That’s why dinos are extinct now.

Rajanikanth can beat Brazil football team alone.

Rajanikanth took 12 wickets in one match.

Rajanikanth has root account in windows.